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Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness' Frank Gehry

At ConstraHub, architecture is more than just constructing buildings; it is also about designing spaces that bring inspiration, novelty, and continuity.
Best architecture is the reflection of one’s personality, from idea generation to implementation, we work with our customers closely to grasp their vision, desires, and dreams. Whether it be the construction of a modern masterpiece, the reinvention of an ancient landmark, or coming up with sustainable eco-systems, don’t worry because our team of expert architects is here to shape your story through their pen and handover the design to the best civil engineers in Pakistan to make it a Concrete reality for the generations to witness.

With an emphasis on innovation, we aim to exceed expectations by delivering architectural resolutions. Join us in turning your dreams into concrete reality

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Architectural Services

1. Architectural Drawings:
– Make clear and precise plans to use as the base for your project, keeping the design exact and easy to follow.

2. Working Drawings:
– Give full drawings that help the build process, listing details and parts for builders.

3. Submission Drawings:
– We draw all the required drawings according to by laws of the specific society you are going to have your dream constructed.

4. Structural Drawings:
– We draw clear drawings for the building’s frame, checking for safety and soundness.

5. Electrical Drawings:
-We Draw precise and detailed maps for the electric lines, ensuing safety and even power spread.

6. Safety System Drawings:
-Safety is top most priority, We draw safety tools with clear drawings for alarms, sprinklers, and other emergency aids.

7. Public Health Drawings:
-We Ensure clean and smooth plumbing and sanitation with detailed public health plans.

8. Furniture Drawings:
-We Create custom furniture layouts that boost function and look aesthetic & made to fit your space.

9. 2D Elevations:
-Show the building’s inside and outside facades with detailed 2D drawings, highlighting design and size.

10. 3D Elevations:
-Make your project real with 3D models, giving a true and full view of the final design.